Rosa Mystica

Schola Gregoriana Pragensis

Abbey weekend

The image of the ‘rosa mystica’: the rose as a metaphor for the mother of Jesus in combination with physical beauty and spiritual depth. It is also the starting point for one of Schola Gregoriana Pragensis’ most famous programmes. This vocal ensemble is among those that set the standard for Gregorian chant in Europe. They combine it hear with another of their great loves: the very earliest Czech polyphony.

Hasan El-Dunia, Marek Šulc, Stanislav Předota, Ondřej Maňour, Tomáš Lajtkep, Michael Medek, Ondřej Holub, vocals
David Eben, conductor

20:00 — 21:15

Abbey Postel
Abdijlaan 16
2400 Mol

Maria devotion from medieval Bohemia

Municipality of Mol
Abbey of Postel
CC 't Getouw

€ 22 (-26: € 10)
Incl. introduction and reception