Soundscape Da Vinci

Capella de la Torre led by Katharina Bäuml

Abbey weekend

To mark the occasion of the Da Vinci anniversary year, the renowned Capella de la Torre ensemble has released a CD of the music and sounds heard in Italy and France in about 1500: the world in which Leonardo da Vinci lived. This soundscape evokes his time as an apprentice in Florence, his experiments with machines and the years he spent at court in Milan. The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa are also sources of inspiration. Imagine all this combined with the unique sound that Katharina Bäuml conjures from her ensemble.

Katharina Bäuml, shawm and direction
Hildegard Wipperman
Annette Hils, bass curtal and recorder
Martina Fiedler, organ
Mike Turnbull, percussion
Johannes Vogt, lute
Margaret Hunter
Falko Munkuitz

20:00 — 21:30

Abbey Averbode
Herseltsebaan 2
Averbode (Scherpenheuvel)


The lifestages of Leonardo Da Vinci in sound.
With music from Heinrich Isaak, Bartolomeo Tromboncino, Claude de Sermisy en Josquin Desprez.

In collaboration with:
vzw Averbodium

€ 22 (-26: € 10)
Incl. introduction and reception

At 18h30, Jelle Dierickx will give a free lecture in the abbot quarter about Leonardo Da Vinci and music.