Breath of life


Annelien Van Wauwe turns heads all around the world as both a clarinet player and fervent yoga practitioner. In an interview for the BBC, she said: “There is this big cliché where people think you sit on a mat, say ‘om’ and forget everything around you. But an important part of yoga is about the life force.” This breath of life is the focus of Musica Divina’s closing concert. Culminating in Wim Henderickx's clarinet concerto Sutra, inspired by the principles of yoga. The composer wanted to conduct this concert himself. In Lier, the town of his birth, and in the Jesuit Church that he was so fond of. His kind soul left us too soon, but the breath of life still flows through his music.



Annelien Van Wauwe, solo basset clarinet
Juri Vallentin, oboe
Jill Jeschek, flute
Gordon Fantini, bassoon
Premysl Vojta, horn
Alexandra Soumm, violin
Samuel Nemtanu, violin
Mihai Cocea, viola
Louis Rodde, cello
Wies de Boevé, double bass
Oana Zamfir-Cocea, piano
Agnès Clément, harp

Benjamin Haemhouts, conductor
Jelle Tassyns, electronics

20:15 — 21:30

Berlaarsestraat 12


Wim Henderickx - 2 nocturnes
Juri Vallentin - breath.respiro
Giacinto Scelsi - KO-THA, 3 Dances of Shiva for double bass, Nr. 1
Wim Henderickx - SUTRA, concerto for basset clarinet and electronics (arr. for ensemble)

In collaboration with
Stad Lier
Liers Cultuurcentrum

€ 22 (-26: € 10)
Includes introduction and reception