The Festival Motto

Enjoy the seventh edition of Musica Divina, the classical music festival in the heart of the Kempen region, between 20 September and 5 October 2019. The Festival of Flanders Kempen has been organising concerts in abbeys, beguinages and churches at the beginning of the new cultural season for 50 years. The central figure in this year’s festival is Leonardo da Vinci, under the motto The Sound of Da Vinci. Discover the music that surrounded the ultimate Renaissance man at Musica Divina. In nine towns and cities in the Kempen region, the Festival of Flanders will be honouring da Vinci’s legacy. Five hundred years after his death, he is still a fascinating figure. This fascination is shared by leading ensembles such as Capella de la Torre, Currende, VocaMe, So el Ençina, Doulce Mémoire, RedHerring and Constantinople feat. Marco Beasley. From Soundscape Da Vinci to Canzoni Italiani, from music by another genius in Leonardo’s own time, Josquin Desprez, to a musical bridge over de Bosporus, Musica Divina is filled with heavenly music once again.

Director Jelle Dierickx tells us more: “The ultimate Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci, died on 2 May 1519 at the age of 67. Despite all the myths that surround his name and world superstar status, few people are aware that Da Vinci was also a consummate musician. As well as having an excellent command of the lira da braccio, he was known in his time as an exceptional singer and improviser. Musica, la Figurazione delle cose Invisibili. For Da Vinci, music was the representation of invisible things. So it is no wonder that this man, driven by fascination and curiosity, also wanted to explore the invisible world. What is more, there is a direct link between Leonardo da Vinci and our region, making it particularly appropriate to dedicate the entire festival of Musica Divina 2019 to him. The oldest copy of The Last Supper can be seen at Tongerlo Abbey. Certain musicologists even believe that they have discovered hidden music in this fresco. Join us on our quest for the true sound of da Vinci!"

Musica Divina creates a unique interaction between heritage buildings and music with each of its festivals. A new addition to its array of historical concert venues is the Church of the Sacred Heart in Heist-opden-Berg. On 29 September, this church will open its doors to the Honderd chansons en ballades by the famous ensemble VocaMe with mezzo soprano Sigrid Hausen. The ensemble is inspired by Cent Ballades and other writings by Christine de Pizan who, like da Vinci, was self-taught. She made a professional literary career for herself in 14th century Paris. Musica Divina is an all-round experience. Besides heavenly classical music, expect guided tours, various lectures and the third edition of Poesia Divina.

On behalf of the entire festival team, I would like to wish you a heavenly festival!

Jelle Dierickx