Breathing meditation

Annelien Van Wauwe

Musical breathing meditation with clarinet player Annelien Van Wauwe.

Workshop containing yoga breathing techniques and live music fragments from Sutra by Wim Henderickx for basset clarinet solo in A and electronics. The clarinet concerto which Wim Henderickx wrote for Annelien Van Wauwe is based on the principles of yoga. The first was given the name Pranayama or Breath of Life. It is, as it were, the breath waking up. The perfect starting point for this workshop.

No previous experience is required for this workshop. Admission is free for anyone who would like to participate. Register at [email protected].

15:00 — 16:15

Berlaarsestraat 12

In collaboration with
Stad Lier
Liers Cultuurcentrum