Canzoni Italiane

RedHerring led by Patrick Denecker

Amore sola mi fa remirare, la sol mi fa sollecita. This is one of the riddles that Leonardo da Vinci wrote in one of his many notebooks. He writes about the mystery of love by hiding names in musical notes. This was the source of inspiration for the Canzoni Italiane, the Italian songs we will hear at Musica Divina.The tenor Jan Van Elsacker and RedHerring spell Italia with an A for Amore.

Jan Van Elsacker, tenor
Dirk Vandaele, violin
Herlinde Verheyden, cello
Philippe Malfeyt, theorbe/guitar
Guy Penson, harpsichord
Patrick Denecker, flute

20:00 — 21:45

Beguinage Church

Songs of C. Monteverdi, G. Caccini. G.F. Sances en S. Landi and many more.

In collaboration with:
City Hoogstraten

€ 20 (-26 = € 10)
Incl. introduction and reception