Hundred chansons and ballades


Mezzo-soprano Sigrid Hausen and her ensemble VocaMe have mesmerised audiences all over the world with concerts focusing on female composers such as Kassia and Hildegard von Bingen.

Christine de Pizan did not write any music, but she did carve out a professional literary career for herself in 14th century Paris. The fact that Meryl Streep was the first speaker at the annual Christine de Pizan Honors Gala in Washington shows the impact that this exceptional woman has had. She was a “Leonarda” in her own right a century before Leonardo da Vinci unleashed his creative genius on the world. Like the Renaissance master, she was a self-taught scholar enchanted by the “sweet scent of science”. Her writings still fascinate people today. VocaMe takes her Cent Ballades and other works as the starting point for a beguiling concert.

Sigrid Hausen
Petra Noskaiova
Gerlinde Sämann
Michael Popp

20:00 — 21:30

Chansons and Ballades on texts of Christine de Pizan

In collaboration with:
CC Zwaneberg and Municipality of Heist-op-den-Berg

€ 20 (-26: € 10)
Incl. introduction and reception