In the wake of Da Vinci

Constantinople feat. Marco Beasley

Everyone has heard of Galata Bridge over the Bosporus in Istanbul. In fact it could have been a bridge designed by Leonardo da Vinci if the design he made for the Sultan of Constantinople had been put into practice. Although that never happened, his sketches have been preserved. They have inspired Kiya Tabassian, the artistic director of the famous Canadian ensemble Constantinople, to compile Eastern and Western music from Da Vinci’s time. The ensemble’s musical master builder is Marco Beasley, who will sing Da Vinci’s Italy back to life

Constantinople o.l.v. Kiya Tabassian

Marco Beasley, chant
Kiya Tabassian, setar, chant & musical leader
Stefano Rocco, theorbe & baroque guitar
Fabio Accurso, lute
Didem Basar, kanun
Marco Ferrari, flute
Tanya Laperrière, baroque violin
Patrick Graham, percussion

20:15 — 21:45


In collaboration with:
CC De Werft and City Geel

€ 22 (-26 = € 10)
Incl. introduction and reception