The Madonna's of Da Vinci

So el encina

Abbey weekend

Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting of the Virgin of the Rocks is part of a larger altarpiece. To the left and right are angels praising the mother of Christ with music. The duo So el encina takes on the role of these angels at Musica Divina. Inspired by Da Vinci’s gorgeous paintings of the Virgin Mary, they bring a poetic tribute to the Mother of Christ, the Virgin, the Woman, the Flower, the Pure and the Nurturer.One thing is certain: this will be a concert with a warm glow.

Luciana Cueto, mezzo-soprano
Sarah Ridy, harp

20:00 — 21:30

Abbey Postel
Abdijlaan 28
2400 Mol

Reina del Cielo, with music from Josquin Desprez, Jacques Arcadelt en Adrian Willaert and many more.

In collaboration with:
Municipality of Mol
Abbey of Postel
CC 't Getouw

€ 20 (-26: € 10)
Incl. introduction and reception