The secret music of Da Vinci

Doulce Mémoire led by Denis Raisin Dadre

A retrospective of Leonardo da Vinci’s work will take pride of place at the Louvre in the autumn of 2019. The famous ensemble Doulce Mémoire has been asked to provide the music for the exhibition. After Paris, they will give an exclusive performance of their creation in Turnhout. The focus is on their search for Da Vinci’s ‘secret music’, with compositions by Tinctoris, Agricola, Isaac and others. Of course the concert would not be complete without the lira da braccio, the instrument that Da Vinci himself played. Experience the sound of Leonardo da Vinci!

Doulce Mémoire is supported by the Centre-Loire Valley Regional Council, the Ministry of Culture – DRAC Centre-Loire Valley, the Institut Français – Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its foreign tours, the Indre-et-Loire Departemental Council and the City of Tours. Doulce Mémoire receives support for specific projects from SPEDIDAM, ADAMI and FCM.
Doulce Mémoire is a member of Bureau Export, Fevis and Profedim.

Clara Coutouly, soprano
Matthieu Le Levreur, bariton
Pascale Boque, lute
Miguel Henry, lute
Nicolas Sansarlat, lira da braccio
Denis Raisin Dadre, flutes en musical direction

20:15 — 21:45

Grote Markt 80

In collaboration with:
De Warande and City Turnhout

€ 22 (-26: € 10)
Incl. introduction and reception.