Guided tour of the exhibition Creazy about Dimpna

With Creazy about Dimpna, The Phoebus Foundation presents an exceptional exhibition built entirely around a single work of art: the Dimpna altarpiece by Goossen Van der Weyden (ca. 1465-1538). This spring, come and discover the eight panels full of passion, guts and rebellion in the St. Dimpna Church in Geel. After an intensive restoration process of more than three years, the various works of art can once again be admired in all their glory. An interactive scenography immerses you in the extraordinary world of Dimpna. Get to know the hidden stories and unique history that lies beneath the layer of paint. Zot van Dimpna is a whirlwind voyage of discovery that leads from seventh-century Ireland through late-medieval Antwerp to today's Geel. It is a story of vulnerability and strength, of sanctity and recognition, of ambition and artistic entrepreneurship.

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17:00 — 18:00

Sint-Dimpnaplein 15

Guided tour before the Musica Divina concert on September 14

Especially for Musica Divina concertgoers, a guided tour of the exhibition is offered before the concert Pelgrims' Hymn at € 5 per person. Register at [email protected].