Oxygen for the Soul

In March 2014, all the towns and villages in the Kempen signed the Kempen 2020 mayors’ covenant, supported by the local waste disposal service. This covenant is an initiative by the European Commission aimed at local governments. The intention is to reduce CO2 emissions across the region by 20% by 2020. Musica Divina fully supports this positive signal from the Kempen mayors in 2020. As a festival that focuses on quiet, a slower pace, contemplation and the religious heritage of the Kempen, Musica Divina aims to contribute to the principle of a healthy mind in a healthy body. After all, music also provides oxygen, healing, beauty and sometimes even an experience of the sublime. Longinus put it succinctly back in the first century of the Christian era: ‘It is natural in us to feel our souls lifted up by the true Sublime, and, conceiving a sort of generous exultation, to be filled with joy and pride, as though we had ourselves originated the ideas which we read.’ That is exactly what Musica Divina 2020 aims to offer. Oxygen for the soul.

During the coronavirus pandemic, this motto and the experience of live music are more essential than ever. With heartfelt respect, we dedicate this edition of the festival to all healthcare workers.